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Restaurant-Bar is a family-run business with nearly 25 years of experience. Located in the heart of the picturesque town of Tequisquiapan (State of Querétaro, México) on the main square near the church, it offers both regional and international dishes in a cheerful ambiance that features live music in the evenings on weekends; spacious, comfortable premises; a courteous, professional staff; seasonal menus and special culinary and cultural events throughout the year. K’puchinos menu includes a selection of international dishes like fondues, crepes, pastas and choice meats, along with Querétaro’s distinctive artisanal cheeses, combined with the wines from the principal vineyards in the region.

Furthermore, K’puchinos is not only famous for its local specialties such as the typical enchiladas Queretanas, but also for other regional home style dishes you will probably not find in any other restaurant: mole de olla Querétaro style - a delicious stew with cecina (beef jerky) and xoconostle, a variety of prickly pear; pinole gorditas (cornmeal fritters with roasted, ground maize flour) and roast pork in a pulque reduction sauce. So put your adventurous spirit to the test, and prepare for a unique culinary experience!

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Noche Mexicana Kpuchinos 2014

*Pechuga de Pollo en Salsa dde Xoconostle

*Pan de Amaranto y Miel de Piloncillo al Tequila

*Nopal Relleno en reducción de Vino Tinto con Jamaica (Postre)


*Timbal de Nopal

*Sopa de Lima

*Escamoles en Tortilla de Huitlacoche

*Indios Ensarapados

*Enchiladas de Salsa Pasilla con Xoconostle rellenas de Pollo

*Filete de Res a los Tres Chiles

*Esmedregal con Hoja Santa y Salsa Verde

*Chile en Nogada